What are you watching tonight?

Some believe that DVDs are going the way of the dinosaur and VHS tapes. But tell me, where do you turn when the Internet is out? That’s right, the trusty DVD play. ¬†Gone might be the day of Blockbuster and Hollywood Video but it seems that just about every street corner, gas station and grocery store has a RedBox stocked with the latest releases and the all time greats.

It would likely surprise many people to know that there are still DVD clubs out there. In fact, believe it or not Columbia House is still an option for people who love to build their home DVD library. Of course, Columbia House has gone 21st century and gone are the days of cards to return. Everything is done online now a days. In fact, if you’re intersected you can get two free DVDs sent to your house today.

Another DVD club option you might be interested in if you have kids in the house is the Disney Movie Club. You can get 4 of your favorite Disney movies for just $1.00 each if you agree to buy 5 more over the next 2 years. For families with children, especially those that travel a long distances and use portable DVD players, these movies can be a lifesaver.